November 30, 2014

Wake Me Up

Uncategorized | November 30, 2014

site de rencontre dans le 28 Coffee commercials promise it, song lyrics plead for it (“Wake me up when it’s all over”), and cosmetics emphasize it. Even my most recent purchase of liquid makeup foundation is assertively named Wake Me Up! Diagnosis of a terminal illness obliges people to look inward with plenty of soul-searching. We want to confirm  “Yes, I can do […]

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Be a Christmas Elf

Uncategorized | November 23, 2014

sites de rencontre chinois It’s the time of year again when people are expected to be ho-ho-ho and full of cheer. Sometimes all is not rosy though, especially if there are health concerns at home. When trouble rocks the boat,someone must step up to take the helm and keep the ship steady. The roles of caregiver and cared-for are seldom […]

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Today in Muskoka

Uncategorized | November 8, 2014

see here Snow is falling straight down with intention. From my desk I can see the bare tree top where just a few months ago I spied my first robin in 2014. It fledged and both Mama and baby bird have by now presumably flown southward. Snowfall in early November sometimes is interpreted as the onset of […]


Bent Out of Shape

Uncategorized | November 2, 2014 Anyone who’s a caregiver knows all too well about time constraints in managing daily tasks. Spare time is truly precious. Last week I had the luxury of sitting down to look through the current issue of Muskoka Magazine; and discovered a wonderful dessert recipe that sounded perfect for Sunday dinner. Accumulating the ingredients and putting […]

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