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March 7, 2015

Spring’s Promise

Uncategorized | March 7, 2015

rencontre sexe chemillé Earlier this week when she walked along the sidewalk, Emmy noticed the swollen buds on a lilac bush – they were round and full, but not yet ready to burst forth. Similarly, an e-mail from a friend described the discovery of a dormant, drooping and leafless plant on a shelf in the basement. It was […]


Marching into Spring

Uncategorized | March 1, 2015 One day, in the autumn of 2014, Emmy learned of a unique idea for gifting. Collecting 365 inspirational quotes, meaningful dates, family phrases or song titles was the intention.Place folded individual slips of paper in a large glass jar or pretty container. Top with a bow and this becomes a daily source of interest and […]

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