September 24, 2015

Excerpt from Chapter 13

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important link When I was at home, I began to notice that if a phone call came through it would ring and ring – but Tony wouldn’t pick up the receiver. He confessed that he wasn’t comfortable answering in case it was someone he didn’t know. Our telephone did have a Caller ID screen, but he couldn’t […]

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Excerpt from Chapter 19

Uncategorized | September 13, 2015 Tony was already up at night at least once for a bathroom visit; and over our years together I seemingly kept my ear attuned to his movements. I either lay still to await the sound of a flush or half-leaned on one elbow to watch for his shadow coming into the room again. One night […]

excerpt from Chapter 12 – Getting Prepped

Uncategorized | September 7, 2015 We travelled out of the country for winter getaways four years in a row.  One year at the International Customs screening, we became separated. Tony passed through ahead of me and disappeared around a partition. I didn’t pass the inspection though; there was a bottle of wine in my carry-on bag. “You can’t take this […]

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