October 25, 2015

Excerpt from Chapter 5

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http://www.landform.is/trataebebabakota/9415 …Tony jangled truck keys in his hand and looked uncertain. On impulse, I said “I’m having a small party at my apartment next week, just some close friends. I’ve been feeling quiet for a while; I want to cook up a storm and have some people around me. I’d love it if you’d come!” He […]

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Letter to Tony

Uncategorized | October 18, 2015

check this December 2009 Dear Tony, Please remember that we are hand in hand on the road. Nothing will separate us. My only regret is that I’ve hurt you so deeply. I don’t know whether keeping information from you would have been more cruel. Despite the fact neither of us is exactly gleeful about the trip we’re […]

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Excerpt from Chapter 1

Uncategorized | October 12, 2015

https://restaurantmartinwishart.co.uk/atom/3272 …We stepped into a brave new world when Tony’s actions didn’t always seem quite right; and he’d had a couple of falls at home. These events frightened me a lot – Tony was too tall and I couldn’t even imagine helping him up off the floor. We went to the doctor to see what was […]

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Excerpt from Chapter 11

Uncategorized | October 5, 2015

neue leute kennenlernen moers From the initial goofy and crazy-in-love flush to more serious times, Tony and I were able to discuss together whatever hurdle lay ahead and to meet each challenge head on, hand-in-hand. If the day was wearing and wearying with discord, we generally would thrash things through before bedtime. Sometimes Tony would stomp away first, but […]

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