December 31, 2015

A personal story of one couple’s journey through Alzheimers

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Source: A personal story of one couple’s journey through Alzheimers

Driver Training continued (final from Chapter 25)

Uncategorized | December 27, 2015

11)           Trading the car in….. Grieving is unfinished work. The effort to inflate my slowly leaking spirits became more tedious and took a lot of pumping-up energy. I needed to continue on my own path with a new sense of anticipation– visualizing myself as a shiny new vehicle with no payments, a lengthy guarantee and […]

Driver Training continued…

Uncategorized | December 20, 2015

5) Legal Issues: We both already had our Powers of Attorney for Personal Care and Continuing Care in place; as well as Living Wills. Tony and I discussed whether changes to his wishes might need amending – we decided to meet with our doctor and discuss a Do Not resuscitate order. This ensured that no […]

Excerpt from Chapter 25 – Driver Training

Uncategorized | December 13, 2015

When travelers set out on a journey, they seldom leave home without at least an idea of the route they will take to reach their ultimate destination. I was an avid traveler and seldom lost my bearings when in unfamiliar territory. I was also intent and not prone to panic if I felt uncertain. Tony’s […]

Excerpt from Chapter 49

Uncategorized | December 9, 2015

…As Tony faltered, he knew he’d never bounce back to his old self. He’d often simply said, “I’m done”. I vowed that I would provide care at home for him as long as I could manage; with extra help the tasks load eased. The principles of Hospice were invaluable. I likened facts and methods to […]

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