February 28, 2016

Excerpt from Chapter 15 – Sushi to Go

Uncategorized | February 28, 2016

chico busca chico en leon Tony’s son Chris joined the group too – he was eager and had a hearty appetite. “C’mon Dad, let’s go and see what the fare is!” he exclaimed. I was glad to see him take his father’s arm to lead the way, up and down the rows, checking out the choices. I personally was looking […]

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Letter to Tony, December, 2009

Uncategorized | February 21, 2016

http://waocubo.com/maljavka/2255 Dear Tony, Please remember that we are hand in hand on the road. Nothing will separate us. My only regret is that I’ve hurt you so deeply. I don’t know whether keeping information from you would have been more cruel. Despite the fact neither of us is exactly gleeful about the trip we’re beginning, it […]

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Excerpt from Chapter 5

Uncategorized | February 14, 2016

rencontre 8 pieds Though it was so long ago, I vividly remember arriving at the appointed time at the restaurant named Chats. It was small and I hoped that after the lunch hour it would not be too busy. Living in a small town had social pitfalls –the “rumor mill” started easily with surmised tidbits of gossip. I […]

Excerpt from Chapter 25 – Ramping It Up

Uncategorized | February 7, 2016

http://fili.hu/elisey/1638 Tony had always been a “good eater” – with an astonishing appetite! Stories abounded and he had accumulated an amusing assortment of gimmicks to encourage him – for example, a sealed can of “Road Kill Spices”, several super-sized aprons, and a barber’s bib to catch any spills! When he began to lose weight quickly, I […]

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