April 24, 2016

Important Decisions

Uncategorized | April 24, 2016

http://www.redribbonaward.org/marekhamwik/1285 I’m beginning a series of posts which address Important Decisions. Please comment if there’s a subject you’re struggling with… Tony fretted about the requirement to take a driver refresher course and written test when he turned 80. He always felt anxious when he had to make a written report, or at exam time. His education […]

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Excerpt from Chapter 44, Which Way Now?

Uncategorized | April 17, 2016

je cherche la femme parfaite …The receptionist greeted me with a friendly smile when I entered. “He’s all ready, you can go right up” she said. Tony was sitting in his chair watching TV – he stood when I came in and we hugged tightly. “Love you”/”Love you too”. I scanned the room and bathroom for anything left behind and […]


Excerpt from chapter 49 – The Ayes Have It

Uncategorized | April 10, 2016

other …Throughout the years together, we tried earnestly to talk things through if they bogged down. Any issues on the table were examined and we shared ideas about how to resolve concerns, disputes, or other matters of importance. These efforts continued – including our inspirations and ideals.   Tony shouldered whichever responsibilities he could manage and […]

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Excerpt from Chapter 17 – Regrets or Resentment

Uncategorized | April 3, 2016

a fantastic read … When he could not, would not, or did not complete a task, frustration exacerbated his proverbial short fuse. Tony’s outbursts became more predictable – the slightest variation from his set routine or anything unexpected raised his level of anxiety to extreme. He thundered with exemplary sound and fury until spent, followed often by tears […]

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