May 29, 2016

Decisions…#6 in the series

Uncategorized | May 29, 2016

weblink …..Incontinence came to Tony in spurts and drips, with much ado. The probability of an accident raised his levels of apprehension when we considered an outing of any kind, however short or close to home. The first time I came home from shopping with a selection of protective underwear, Tony’s reaction was palpable! That irrefutable […]

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Decisions…#5 in the series

Uncategorized | May 22, 2016

meilleur site de rencontre quebecois gratuit …In the back of my mind was a nifty phrase, “change the channel” I’d heard on Canada AM, a morning TV program. The subject was not about pushing a button on the remote; it was switching one line of thought to another. Astute reporters and commentators are keenly aware of the flow of conversation in […]

Decisions…#4 in the series

Uncategorized | May 15, 2016

site de rencontre en francais …I read a miserable story online once about “an elderly gent whose poor eyesight and shaking hands made it difficult to eat. After several plates had been broken and glasses spilled, the impatient son and his wife made the old chap sit away from them and eat from a wooden bowl. Their young son was […]

Time, Cause, and Effect – Week 3 of Decisions

Uncategorized | May 8, 2016 …Preparation for any outing from the house required significant planning ahead and increased patience. “Come darling, it’s time to start getting ready to go out. I’ve set out your clothes. You look like an old grizzly bear, how ‘bout a shave first?” I would coax, to start the ball rolling. Sometimes I helped Tony get […]

A New Task – 2nd in a series of Significant Decisions

Uncategorized | May 1, 2016 There were a couple of mix-ups when Tony took the wrong medication at the wrong time, or not at all. It was simply too scary. “Here are four small containers with your pills, Tony. The tops are easy to unscrew. The blue one is for Breakfast, the green one for Lunch, the red one for […]

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