A Little Night Music

Oldie goldie ballads and days of yore crooners evoke heartfelt emotions. The music and lyrics are pleasing to the ear. Anyone can hum along nowadays to specialty T-V channels, radio or CD releases.
The resurgence of turntables and LP’s might pique your interest if they’re stashed in the basement or attic

I recall as a young child the sight of my mother scrubbing and sweeping while she sang along or danced with the string mop. Her actions are inherited.

One daughter I know is caring for her mom who is still at home. Some days are uneventful, others are more challenging. The puzzles of dementia are tangled webs too hard to unravel.

New Year’s Eve, if you’re at home instead of gallivanting, can be reflective and rewarding. Last Sunday night my friend enjoyed a poignant thrill when she and her mom danced in the living room to Frank Sinatra.
As Susan said, “I was my Dad.” She described it as emotional overload.
This special remembrance will be held forever dear when the time does come that there’s no night music.

You too might create an unbelievable memory by recognizing and seizing the chance when a window to the soul opens for a fleeting moment. Don’t feel shy, the benefits are twofold.