Ain’t It Funny…

go right here “Ain’t it funny how time slips away”.

link Humming this Willie Nelson melody today, I’m thinking of Valentine’s Day. Remembering romantic greeting cards in red envelopes, flowers, and maybe special dates may feel bittersweet. Here’s an excerpt from Chapter 3, Who Was That Masked Man… The lower storage of the china cabinet contained assorted table accessories and candles – in a box there were two small “teddy bear” angels with red hearts on the front, and another bear, white with a dashing cape and a mask. I hung the angel bears from the chandelier and set the other bear at Tony’s place. Several years previous, Tony had stayed in the city at a cancer center for treatments which lasted for a term of seven weeks. It was a tremulous time for us both; Tony travelled down on Monday mornings and returned home on Friday evenings. Just in time for Valentine’s Day that year he had thrust a bag into my hands – therein, wrapped in white tissue, was the masked bear with an “I Love You” sash across his chest, a red satin cape, and a black-slitted mask. Cupid at his best; I cherished it, bringing Zorro out only once a year. This bandit is still my best and most love-stuffed souvenir; despite the fact his cape is crinkled, his significance stands.

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