Bent Out of Shape

Anyone who’s a caregiver knows all too well about time constraints in managing daily tasks. Spare time is truly precious. Last week I had the luxury of sitting down to look through the current issue of Muskoka Magazine; and discovered a wonderful dessert recipe that sounded perfect for Sunday dinner. Accumulating the ingredients and putting it all together went smoothly,  except for the tedium of separating egg yolks from the whites. Serving small slices is recommended to revel in the rich flavours.

I chose the recommended spring form pan and buttered it as instructed, then double-checked to be certain the latch was snapped shut. The frothy combination of  rich chocolate with butter, 6 egg yolks and 6 additional eggs, plus raspberry liqueur and a pint of fresh raspberries smelled delicious.When I emptied the bowl into the pan though, a liberal flow of the mixture immediately oozed out  onto the counter top and dribbled down the cupboard doors. Amid the chaos, I  dumped the torte batter back into the mixing bowl, and snatched Pan # 2. A quick wipe with butter, I poured the batter in, and then started to wipe up the drizzle – which now puddled on the floor. What a mess, but I wasn’t clear yet!

To  my great dismay,this one also leaked, as did  pans # 3 and 4  (retrieved in haste). They too were obviously warped.  Things were not going well for me – already the  dishcloth, counter top and the floor were  smeared with chocolate.  A desperate clatter of rattling cake pans ensued as I retrieved a square glass dish.  The dog came in to see about the noise – he’s hard of hearing- so you know it was loud!    By the time the oven door slammed shut and the bake time began, I too was bent out of shape!