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Sheridan Rondeau

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The author  wants to bust a myth—that all caregivers have to follow the same path. She shares her own story with helpful hints, sensitivity, humor and a few snuffles; to encourage others to choose  their own way. Hearing an official diagnosis is an unmistakable signal to get ready for a journey. Studying facts and awareness are the foundation for mapping the route.


Getting from A to B is a slow process, along unfamiliar side roads. Individual cues and clues are indicators which provide direction, there’s no GPS system to guide the caregiver. U-turns, misreading signs and even getting lost prompt recalculating!


“Dear Tony…a Caregiver’s Journey to Inspire” is a story of love, empathy, tenacity and common sense.  A cherished addition to your own library or a perfect gift – ideal for anyone who may be facing the challenges of loss and other peculiarities of dementia.


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