Deep Freeze

Deep Freeze


Last night the temperature outdoors dropped to -30° and as 2:00 a.m. approached, the electricity conked out.  All was still in the building, but for the sounds of snapping cold and creaking construction.


It felt isolating and I felt unprepared for the unknown ahead with no emergency reserves at the ready.


Darkness sometimes awakens deep-seated fears and apprehension which may prove unfounded when light returns. As I lay in my cozy bed with blankets galore, I thought about the deep freeze of Alzheimer’s disease.

Our diagnosed loved ones, and others we know, are frozen in dark time. While it is true that clarity glimpses in, but with fewer visits as time goes on, I cannot imagine a more terrifying situation.


Tony often repeated “I love you”, and I would squeeze his hand or pat his shoulder after times of shared embraces were past. He needed more reassurance than me.

We were each on our own journey. With small encouraging steps it was my role to lead him through the maze.


When the darkness of a deep freeze descends, the undeniable call to action includes keeping  safe, warm and reassured.


For us, the return of light is enviable.