http://tiagolas.com/?m=201312 It’s Christmas Eve day. Amid the usual hustle bustle of activity, let’s allow ourselves to enjoy those special moments fill our hearts and minds with fond reminiscence.

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http://www.blockhaus-tschechien.at/minay/4031 Opening the package from my far-away friend on Christmas Eve was always special. Sitting in the candlelit living room when pets and hubby were abed, unwrapping her gift became a cherished tradition. In the semi-darkness it felt like a guessing game to discern with my fingers what hand crafted item she sent.
One long-ago year, a small dream catcher was my prezzie.


htttp www bfmmarkets com Styled in traditional fashion, I hung it in the doorway to our bedroom with intention; hoping to block negativity, restore my husband’s health, and allowing good vibes to filter through the web.

next I’ll be thinking of that dream catcher tonight, clearing the way for good thoughts and actions. My little home shines with Christmas decorations – the lights bring cheer on a cold night.

most reliable dating sites Create a personal Christmas Eve tradition for yourself this year. Like me, you will look forward to that special moment every Christmas Eve.

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