Excerpt from Chapter 23

http://www.jcasoft.com/pidarmon/5652 …Tony’s lunch didn’t appeal to him, though usually one of his favorites. He wanted to eat from a tray in front of the TV today, instead of sitting at the table. Predictably, there was a collision of water glass and plate, which soaked the bun and dampened any measurable enthusiasm. I quietly collected the upset and brought coconut pie to assuage Tony’s annoyance. rencontre celibataire jeune My Kleenex scrunched out of sight, I shook my tears in the kitchen sink. Coincidentally, it was time for the Canadians to skate. this The music was too touching, the swan song and final Olympic appearance of Tessa Virtue and Scott Moier. Their devotion to each other and dedication to the program were tangible – spectators and commentators caught up in the enchantment of the performance. After so many years striving together, this appearance was a culmination of all the elements together, and farewell. Web Site It felt almost unbearable to watch—haunting, profound, deeply personal, and expressive of both joy and heartfelt sorrow. To me, it seemed like the skaters relived nearly every step of their journey together. The parallels stabbed; I had to swallow hard and pretend my tears were just a reaction to both the presentation and interrupted sleep the night before. My heart ached – for me, for Tony and for all we once shared…

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