excerpt from Chapter 34: Happy Anniversay

…”Let me clear the plates away,” I said. “Is this a good time to bring you some coconut cream pie?” Tony shook his head. I watched silently as he jimmied the chair around and steadied himself to stand. “Are you on your way downstairs for the tennis now? I’ve got the channel ready for you; there are a few minutes left before it starts, Tony.” Soft jazz was playing on the stereo; I grasped Tony’s hand, “How about a little twirl?” His reply was “No”. “Well then, how about a little kiss instead?” I stood on tiptoe ahd wrapped my arms around his neck. “Steady now,” I laughed, and gave him a slushy smooch.

“That was a Jack kiss,” Tony said. He remembered that we had coined the phrase after seeing in the newspaper a beautiful, albeit bittersweet photo, of the late Jack Layton kissing his beloved wife Olivia Chow. At that time, Jack Layton was the leader of the Federal Opposition party for Canada, and she a Member of Parliament. Our kisses were now more perfunctory, it was a perfect reminder.

….I was glad we had shared a Jack kiss – a memory I would hold tight to when I could no longer hold tight to Tony. Despite the complications and oddities nowadays, it was still a special date, our HappyAnniversary.

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