Excerpt from Chapter 5

…Tony jangled truck keys in his hand and looked uncertain. On impulse, I said “I’m having a small party at my apartment next week, just some close friends. I’ve been feeling quiet for a while; I want to cook up a storm and have some people around me. I’d love it if you’d come!” He looked shy, and didn’t answer. It had begun to snow again, when I impulsively touched his cheek with the palm of my hand and nodded to encourage him, chemistry was an undeniable surprise.
One afternoon many years later, I looked out the window as snow fell slowly and softly, almost distinguishable enough to count the flakes. Scarcely a murmur of breeze in the pines to mar the stillness – then I gasped as a deer trotted into view. I scarcely breathed as I watched. Ears twitching front and backward, nose testing the air, the deer stood immobile. Its graceful head turned toward the house, and our eyes inexplicably locked. Time stood still for me again – a cherished and magical moment that would be etched in my memory forever!


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