Excerpt from Chapter 6

opcje binarne co to jest …The grandson was impatient to go tree-hunting. Tony transferred the baby seat from the family car and strapped the youngster in the back seat. I climbed into the back as well, smiling to myself when the little fellow turned his face toward the window. The tree farm wasn’t far, and after unstrapping the child from his car seat and setting him on the ground; the two men started down a trail. The little boy followed, and I brought up the rear. “Poppa, Daddy – wait for me!” Tony’s grandson cried. The snow was too deep for his little legs to keep up, his snowsuit was bulky and he began to sob. I reached out my hand “Let’s walk together. Your Daddy and Poppa have long legs – they can walk faster. Don’t worry, they won’t leave us behind.” The farmer came along on his tractor, towing someone’s tree to the baling area. “Need a shovel?” he called out. I nodded vigorously and he tossed a snow scoop to the ground as he passed. “Hop on here” I said to the unhappy boy, “we’ll catch up with your Dad and Poppa”.

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videos gays en francais I motioned to him and said “kneel down here on the scoop, and hold on to the handle.” I towed him behind as we trekked toward the men. They had stopped to wait. Tony’s son hoisted the boy onto his shoulders and exclaimed “I think I see a good tree. That one, over there”, and he pointed. My cheeks were hot and probably red with effort, but everyone was all smiles…

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