Genie, Genie, where art thou?

Beginning days before I arrived at the airport to leave for Vancouver, my skin felt buzzing with electricity. But not static. Whenever something is coming to fruition for me it’s always like this, so anticipation reigns. Sitting in the airport lounge I scanned the faces of everyone – looking for the publisher or literary agent I’m searching for to seize the manuscript and bring it to bookstores. My positioning was perfect, nobody could slip past. As a friend reminded me, “he or she isn’t going to be holding a sign that says ‘I’m the One'”. A smooth flight included the WestJet crew; smiling/attentive and a compliment to the airline. Alas though, no genie appeared to grant my wish.

The week passed quickly, and I arrived back at the airport early, to resume people watching. The Fly Out Fridays program at the Vancouver Airport holds tremendous appeal to both incoming and outbound passengers, but it didn’t include a rabbit out of the hat or genie. Home again, I’m still yearning and searching.

Genie, genie, where art thou?

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