How to Kiss

On the front page of the Toronto Star on August 23, 2011, there was a beautiful, albeit bittersweet, photo of the late Jack Layton kissing his beloved wife, Olivia Chow.

The picture reminded Emmy then how husbands and wives sometimes part company in the morning, or whenever. The perfunctory peck on the cheek is sometimes delivered habitually, often in haste, or so as not to mess one’s appearance.

One morning, after giving Tony a quick buss, he said to Emmy “That wasn’t a Jack kiss”, referring to the newspaper picture.

Everyone is familiar with the admonition “never go to bed angry”. When you’ve had a spat or are otherwise overwrought, but feel guilty because you stomped out the door and slammed it so hard the glass rattled, don’t take that anger to bed with you.

Today, and every day, remember to share a Jack kiss with your partner – you’ll hold tight to those memories when you can’t hold tight to the person.