Important Decisions

I’m beginning a series of posts which address Important Decisions. Please comment if there’s a subject you’re struggling with…

Tony fretted about the requirement to take a driver refresher course and written test when he turned 80. He always felt anxious when he had to make a written report, or at exam time. His education had not been extensive and Tony’s greatest fear was that he would be “found out”.

Hilarious stories from Tony’s working days when often driving big trucks were noteworthy episodes. His wonderful usual humor saved the day when he stood face to face with the Foreman who was demanding an explanation regarding “Incident Reports”.

One of Tony’s grandsons was once overheard to exclaim, “80-plus, take a bus” in reference to senior drivers. Tony attended the requisite appointments and was overjoyed when he passed the test.

Soon after, his reflexes seemed a little less sharp and I noticed that he was driving slower than the speed limit, being extra careful. With a deep breath, I began the hard conversation. “Tony, we need to talk about your driving. You’ve gotten lost twice and it took nearly a tank of gas to get home. I’m worried about you.”

He was affronted. When I asked, “Would you feel comfortable with your grandchildren in the truck?” Tony’s answer was “No” – and he came to his own decision promptly. Even Tony’s doctor congratulated him on a wise choice and exclaimed that too few others make that same decision so objectively…

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