Into the light

about his Inexplicably, the words and melody of a familiar hymn flashed. “God sees the little sparrow fall, it meets His tender view…”

view As caregiver’s, we see our loved ones transitioning from here to somewhere. Here’s an excerpt from Chapter 17. Visualizing those times still makes me smile.

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rencontrer homme d'affaire ….”Most often, when I came through the front door and called out “hello”, there would be no response. The television in the lower level rec room was blaring; and the dog was now nearly as hard of hearing as Tony was. Parcels immediately were set aside and I hurried down the stairs to see if Tony was still breathing. Invariably, he was sleeping in the chair, with his chin slumped down onto his chest. Shortly after Tony and I first met, Tony’s father grudgingly moved into a long-term care facility, mostly for safety reasons as he lived alone. He was ninety-one. The location was the True Davidson Home in Toronto, we visited about once a month and thought it a quite pleasant atmosphere. Tony and his two sisters had chosen well. Tony was adamant that he would never become a “sparrow” like the old folks there – head slumped back, eyes shut and mouth agape. The inevitable happened without him being conscious of it, and the dog would be deep in slumber at the same time, with its tongue out and wheezing – quite the pair. To see them made me smile with both affection and gentle amusement – though I knew Tony would not have seen any humor at all if he could see himself.”

read what he said
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