June 12, Writers’ Circle Exercise with Ruth Walker

http://documentalqueridowatson.es/pizdyhov/11514 The rough wood felt unfinished, I imagined the pain of a sliver as soon as I touched the surface. My breathing was shallow and quick, lungs gasping. The usual courage that is my strength suddenly had no reserve. I pushed on the knob, it was too large to grasp – and to my dismay the door creaked ajar. a fantastic read It was dark inside, not even a crack of light to help me find my way. I paused, too reluctant to take even one step forward. The air was thick and smelled stale. No one had entered there for a long time to bring freshness and renewal. rencontres afcae jeune public I knew that today was the day – it was time to find some small fossil of emotion there in the darkness. I knew it was there, waiting to be rediscovered and brought out into the light again. The sound of my pulse thudded in my ears as I fumbled my way further –  exploring inside my own heart.

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