Letter to Tony, July 2008

July 2008
My dearest husband,
I’m just sitting on the little verandah of our Kamping Cabin watching passersby, and not much activity. Even in the short time of about four hours since I drove you to the resort to spend some time with your son and daughter, I am already feeling more relaxed.
Several chipmunks and a white cat have come by. Little children are trailing around with towels around their shoulders and flip-flops slapping on wet feet. So cute—like small bands of troupers out to see the world!
There are several scheduled events for Christmas in July celebrations and despite a sprinkling of rain there is loud cheering and some group fun going on already.
Something called “Boot camp with Sam” started at 9:00 o’clock. Doesn’t sound very user friendly!
I’ve had a very lovely snooze and made a real campfire breakfast—so with a happy tummy and comfy seat the situation is very pleasant. And not one phone call or even the sound of a phone ringing! Sorted through some papers—some for the fire—and split a few sticks for kindling, so all is ready.
Gathering together the necessities for this weekend was not too much of a job and we should do this more often. If we can rig up some kind of a stabilizer for the dog’s ramp it would be fun to bring both pups. There seem to be some things we used to do, but don’t anymore, so we should start again.
Next time we’ll start out on a Saturday morning perhaps. How about a weekend in September? I love the little Kamping Cabin and the location is so close to the washrooms it’s perfect for us. Next time I’ll bring the coffee filters too, although paper towel worked well enough!
Maybe we’ll check out the “deluxe trailer” for rent while we’re here and bring my mom if she’d like to come next year.
You and I have lots of living to do still—and a little change of scene like this does absolute wonders for the soul! It would be dandy if there were a place like this near Arden, close to the cottage—especially after a long drive.
Anyway, some tidying up to do and real estate homework as well. I’m looking forward to joining you all later for a visit; maybe you will have had a little snooze, too, it’s that kind of soft day. Next time we can snooze together.
Love you very much,
Mrs. Scratchy