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rencontres photo d'arles 2014 Dear Tony, site svt gay lussac Please remember that we are hand in hand on the road. Nothing will separate us. My only regret is that I’ve hurt you so deeply. I don’t know whether keeping information from you would have been more cruel. Despite the fact neither of us is exactly gleeful about the trip we’re beginning, it could be worse—like horrible cancer and a lingering death; or being totally alone with nobody to stand by your side. There’s still a lot of living and loving to enjoy together, and we have plans still to be fulfilled. lista de cosas que una mujer busca en un hombre I think Wednesday is the anniversary of our meeting—how about supper at Boston Pizza? We can have a date night. Maybe it will be snowing and I can melt it into a puddle again, just by touching your cheek. Everyone loves that story—and I still feel the same way that I did then. http://vahidsport.com/pltyte/factore/8238 Love is patient, love is kind, and when people marry it should be with the intention of keeping their vows, for better or for worse. Just so happens we’ve had a little more worse from time to time—but we have always learned the route and followed the road. We can’t put this diagnosis out of our mind, but we don’t have to keep it at top of mind all the time. So how about it big guy, wanna date? Next summer on the boat will be grand—your idea of a little Coleman stove and a frying pan is dandy, and we can coat the fish with lemon and pepper seasoning and fry it up just yummy. I’ve heard there is nothing as fine as a shore lunch, and I’ve never had one. Am also looking forward to a fishing stay at Pickerel Lake Lodge. We’re going to have the King suite with a big double Jacuzzi. Keep doing your research and we’ll find the perfect rod to catch those walleye! I’ll be happy to use my Dad’s cherry wood rod and catch a few myself.
And then in the fall, or maybe sooner, a trip to Niagara for the weekend. Funny, honeymoon capital of the world and I’ve never been there with a sweetie. I think there’s wine-tasting and a vineyard tour in the fall. Could be grand. So much to look forward to and I’ll even dig out my red nightgown!
And you bring your Obsession aftershave cologne.
I know our emotions are running really close to the surface—maybe stubbing a toe would be a good excuse for a boo-hoo. But that won’t accomplish a thing for me except red eyes and a blotchy face. There’s no humor in any of this at the moment, but we will go forward together and cope that same as we always have.
Everyone who has watched us over the years has always said you have displayed courage in the face of trouble and never once faltered. And we shall not falter now. Keep your stick on the ice buddy—and I’ll keep our direction true and steady.
Love you lots, keep on being your gutsy self—if you want to holler out the window go right ahead— and I promise I won’t complain. Deal?
Your noisy wife,

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