Marching into Spring

One day, in the autumn of 2014, Emmy learned of a unique idea for gifting. Collecting 365 inspirational quotes, meaningful dates, family phrases or song titles was the intention.Place folded individual slips of paper in a large glass jar or pretty container. Top with a bow and this becomes a daily source of interest and pleasure.

Tidbits for her mother’s gift jar was significantly short in number by the time Christmas came. December and since was a blur of bereavement and other challenges. It’s been a three month marathon for Emmy to retain her composure end keep her head up.

February has passed and the glass jar project is complete. Emmy’s mother will take both pleasure and reflection from the daily snippets. She told Emmy on New Year’s Day that it was time to turn the page and start a new chapter; a close friend of Emmy told her she would return from vacation a changed woman.

Impacted forever, the healing has begun. Emmy and her family are now Marching into Spring.