On Golden Pond – revisited

At this annual Thanksgiving time of year, many thoughts come to mind. Personal circumstances though, can sometimes make feeling thankful a difficult mindset!

The different “ages and stages” which we progress through affect our emotions and confidence – there can be plenty of “Aha” moments when concerns become clear and the path leading out of the woods discernible. Hopefully the choices we make are well thought out and balanced.

On a recent “get-away” for a couple of days, I had a serendipitous thought! The beauty of the seasonal colours felt vibrant; contrasting some what with the personal slumping feeling. Nigglings  in my mind were assessed and reassessed as I drove. The themes of the movie “On Golden Pond” seemed appropriate to me as a caregiver—an awareness of how some things change, some stay constant, and other challenges appear to be resolved.

Whether we are thriving and zooming or simply managing to get by, to everything there is a reason and a season. Caregivers must hold on till the roller coaster ride ends. Summoning even the teensiest sense of adventure and seeking out subjects that are of interest inevitably make way for the eternal hopefulness that is Spring.

Funny how our viewpoint can change with just a nudge – being “On Golden Pond” might be the adventure of our lifetime!