Pulling Weeds

Pulling weeds, akin to separating wheat from chaff, is a rewarding accomplishment. By 2013 Tony’s disease brought him to uninvited apathy. It was time to start the process of gradually clearing out unused items.

Here’s an excerpt from Chapter 37.

“When Tony’s daily exercise on the treadmill ceased, it sat idle for awhile and was the first big piece moved out of the rec room. I sold two matching leather chairs as well when Tony’s neck started to ache. He found the material too warm when he sat in his all day. I knew the eventual job of weeding out would be enormous so was glad for a head start.

Unexpected opportunities came when my brother suggested he and his daughter visit for a weekend and help with some painting.  I’d already spoken to Tony about some ideas to freshen the place up, and selected the paint colors, but the intention was not immediate. Tony thought it was a good idea though. It was a scurry to complete the preparations. I brought home the paint, then washed and patched the walls, taped the trim, moved furniture aside, and put down drop cloths.

Above the entryway into the rec room hung an amusing wooden sign I’d bought for Tony – the letters read Wish-a-Fish Lodge. It was a poignant reminder of our past and present. I hung it up again when the paint dried.”

In 2015 I downsized to an apartment and set up a new chapter in my life. Now, after a fall last March from which I sustained a severe back injury, I’m pulling weeds again. It’s a painstaking but ultimately rewarding accomplishment.

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