Remembering the Remembrance

On November 11th in particular, the day’s activities revolved around Remembrance Day broadcasts. “I want to place a wreath on my Dad’s grave”, he told me one day. “But Tony, the weather is so damp and cold in November, and it’s a long way to drive. If you really want to though, I’ll be glad to take you” I replied. As the ceremonies on Parliament Hill progressed, Tony was glued to the TV. “I want to place a wreath in the park uptown, the cenotaph is there”.

I told Tony I’d look into it and see if I could get a wreath for him; “I’m not sure though that you can participate in the Legion ceremonies though, it’s only for veterans and politicians. The weather is always so cold and wet too, you’d be better to stay indoors where it’s warm. Besides, if you’re there you’ll miss the CBC coverage on TV here.”

After the official armistice ceremonies had passed, I came home with a Legion wreath for Tony. The woman at the local branch had only one left until the next year’s order. “Here darling, see what I’ve brought!” Tony was thrilled, “Gee, thanks. I didn’t think you’d get one for me. Maybe we can put it on my Dad’s grave on his birthday.” The fact escaped him that January weather was also inclement and I didn’t exactly know where the site was.

“What would you think, Tony, if we keep it here and I’ll put it out on the front step for you next year?” He nodded, “Okay, that’s a good idea.”

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