that Still Small Voice

Emmy used to think a lot about the word fear. The letters,long ago, represented future events appearing real. The thought was crippling. Even before she embarked on the journey of caring for Tony, Emmy consciously replaced the interpretation to become face everything and rise.

Her tenacity and problem solving skills were a strong foundation upon which to then build new skills. Love and determination held her in good stead as she and Tony travelled unfamiliar pathways. There was no roadmap to help them reach their destination.

When duress, fatigue and uncertainties weighed too heavily, Emmy relied on that Still Small Voice within. It encouraged her “you can do this”. She listened and believed what she heard.

Several weeks of retrospection have served to strengthen Emmy and help her to stand taller after being bowed. Everyone has a Still Small Voice within – it’s an unerring compass that offers reinforcement. Whether intuition or a resource from which to withdraw some true grit when required—keeping her ears pricked for even a whispered message was/is/and always will be inspiring to Emmy. “You can do this”.