Time, Cause, and Effect – Week 3 of Decisions

http://www.hawkerucc.org/monaxinja/3205 …Preparation for any outing from the house required significant planning ahead and increased patience. “Come darling, it’s time to start getting ready to go out. I’ve set out your clothes. You look like an old grizzly bear, how ‘bout a shave first?” I would coax, to start the ball rolling. Sometimes I helped Tony get dressed well in advance of the scheduled time for an appointment. He became easily agitated and frustrated –anxiety was a huge factor…

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http://powerhandling.com/?vikys=single-mom-dating-success-stories&177=0d …I also learned to call Tony to the table at least 10 minutes before I would serve a meal; his sense of time or cause and effect dwindled. Despite my very best effort to have all the necessities at his place, there was always something else for him to do before Tony finally sat down…


http://www.annecy-photos.com/darare/1032 … it was a far better strategy to complete each step slowly…

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