Today in Muskoka

Snow is falling straight down with intention. From my desk I can see the bare tree top where just a few months ago I spied my first robin in 2014. It fledged and both Mama and baby bird have by now presumably flown southward. Snowfall in early November sometimes is interpreted as the onset of a bleak and dreary season; for me though, Winter brings its own beauty.

Mothers throughout the ages have borne sons and daughters, and raised them to outgrow the nest site – some sooner than others. The ages and stages of childhood to adulthood can be compared to nature’s changing seasons. Some offspring soar to dizzying heights, some are not so demonstrative, and others have short lived independence and never really develop their flight feathers.

Different phases of our lives may find us with our wings clipped, but we still do practice flaps in anticipation of being airborne again. Every season brings transition. There’s plenty to think about!

In our family we’re awaiting the imminent birth of a new baby. For the parents it’s a new beginning. For my brother and sister-in-law it’s evolving to become new again, as grandparents. The ninety-year old grandmother is ascending¬†one rung higher to become the first great grandmother in our family. ¬†The circle continues.

Winter snow blankets unseen activity which reveals itself to us in spring. New buds on trees leaf out, birds fly home, and mother robin will make another nest in the same tree. It’s reassuring to think about, today in Muskoka.