Wake Me Up

Coffee commercials promise it, song lyrics plead for it (“Wake me up when it’s all over”), and cosmetics emphasize it. Even my most recent purchase of liquid makeup foundation is assertively named Wake Me Up!

Diagnosis of a terminal illness obliges people to look inward with plenty of soul-searching. We want to confirm  “Yes, I can do this!” when the gauntlet is thrown at our feet challenging us to don the cloak of care provider. Once committed, routine sometimes feels like an irrefutable bad dream that’s inescapable even in light of day. We want to reawaken in a brighter frame of mind.

By changing the concept that we’re weighed down, everyday demands can be lightened and celebrated. Given the circumstances, would we willingly change places with the loved one who’s ailing with no hope of recovery?  Amid protestations, impatience, and inconvenience it’s sometimes difficult to look past what our eyes see and ears hear. Respond with kindness – it’s a habit that grows and becomes automatic.

Feeling humbuggy about the approaching Christmas season is too dismal. This morning, that first cup of java, new makeup and singing smiley songs today were jolts to Wake Me Up.